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The Digital Transformation Imperative in Biopharma | Barry Heavey

Barry Heavey, Managing Director in Accenture’s Life Sciences Division, has over twenty years of experience in the life sciences industry, spanning R&D and manufacturing. Prior to Accenture he was global head of Life Sciences in IDA Ireland and a member of the board of the National Institute for Bioprocess Research & Training.

This presentation is taken from Part 1 of Odyssey VC’s webinar series “Compliant Digital Transformation for Life Sciences”, an exploration of what compliant digital transformation means for life sciences.

The webinar tackled some key questions, including:

  • What progress has been made with respect to digital adoption in life sciences?
  • Who and/or what is driving the demand?
  • What have been the challenges and roadblocks?
  • How can the adoption of compliant digital technology be accelerated?