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Speakers announced for Part 2 of Odyssey VC webinar series

Part 2 of “Possibilities and Practicalities of Cloud Adoption in Life Sciences” will take place on the 28th of June.

The speakers for Part 2 of Odyssey VC’s 2022 webinar series “Possibilities & Practicalities of Cloud Adoption in Life Sciences” have been announced. Head of Business Solutions & Co-founder Fionnán Friel and Head of Technology Mark Healy will lead the session at 12:30pm GMT on the 28th of June, delivering a presentation each as well as taking part in the Panel Discussion.

Fionnán Friel will deliver the first presentation, with a focus on QMS processes and agreements that facilitate the ongoing compliance of cloud technology. Mark Healy will deliver the second presentation. He will cover the software development lifecycle, ISMS, best practices for compliant infrastructure, and the introduction of CompliantDevOps as a method to satisfy new CSA guidelines and as part of your ISMS/QMS.

The panel discussion will feature Fionnán and Mark as well as QA Compliance & Regulatory Specialist Amrutha Prakash and Head of Customer Success Tom McKittrick.

Part 2 is titled “The importance of QMS & ISMS in governing and controlling regulatory compliance of cloud technology” and will take place online. In Part 2 we will explore how robust QMS & ISMS systems can be best utilised to provide evidence of good governance practises of cloud technology development and deployment frameworks. We will also investigate how the implementation of such quality and security systems can potentially change some traditional ways of demonstrating compliance.

The second instalment of “Possibilities and Practicalities of Cloud Adoption in Life Sciences” takes place on the 28th of June. For further details and to register for the free 2022 webinar series, click here.