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Sustainability & Growth

Maintenance of the Validated State

Maintaining the validated state of GxP systems needn’t be challenging

Does your company have critical GxP systems and applications in operation but struggle to maintain their validated state? Are you missing a qualification and validation maintenance process for your GxP systems and applications that’s fit for purpose? 

Maintenance of the Validated State Framework

Partnering with Odyssey VC will ensure that your company benefits from the very best practises in validation maintenance. The Odyssey VC framework for maintaining validation of systems and applications involves a number of touchpoints from which you can choose to engage:

  • Qualification execution review
  • Validation execution review
  • Change management process (implementation & review)
  • User access review
  • Periodic Reviews
  • Data migration process (implementation & review)
  • Decommissioning process (implementation & review)

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