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Sustainability & Growth

Innovation for Growth

Digital innovations can help your business grow, but ensuring they’re compliant can be harder than it looks

Are you looking for innovative digital solutions to help your business evolve, gain competitive advantage and grow? Are you operating in a highly regulated environment and need to be careful with your choice of solutions? 


Odyssey VC helps our regulated customers solve the challenges they face when it comes to digital compliance. We understand the level of compliance oversight required for the implementation and use of software applications in life sciences and, as we support our customers in the selection and delivery of fit-for-purpose validated software and qualified infrastructure, we also look to their future needs. 

Don’t limit your choice, limit re-validation demands

Odyssey VC provides customers with future-proof solutions that grow as you grow. We look at implementing compliant digital solutions that won’t require major re-validation as your needs change, and we seek out solutions that can adapt without causing major risk impacts. When it comes to choosing digital solutions, our aim is to remove regulatory complexity and we do this in the most cost-effective, time-efficient and compliant way. 

Secure your future competitiveness 

Odyssey VC helps regulated companies to transform their business operations and to explore value-producing opportunities through the adoption of compliant digital solutions. We understand exactly what’s involved in adopting new digital solutions and we know that – when it’s done compliantly – the results are transformative.

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