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Cloud Governance

Odyssey VC’s innovative platform helps you manage the GxP compliance risks of using public cloud infrastructure

Are you using outsourced cloud infrastructure for software applications that need to comply with global life science regulations? Do you have concerns about ensuring the compliance status of your cloud environment, knowing that – although your cloud operations are outsourced – the responsibility for GxP compliance remains with your organization? 


Enter Odyssey VC Cloud Governance, a managed service solution that assists regulated companies, or those servicing regulated companies, to navigate supplier approval, qualification and maintenance of cloud infrastructure for GxP applications.

Odyssey VC can support the demonstration and continued compliance status of your cloud infrastructure across your entire application life cycle, from development and testing to deployment and operations. 

Public cloud vendors

Odyssey VC Cloud Governance supports customers looking to approve public cloud vendors and qualify the cloud infrastructure. As part of the cloud governance management, Odyssey VC will highlight potential GxP compliance risks that may arise from using public cloud infrastructure. We will support you to put in place measures to monitor and control the management of your risks. Odyssey VC Cloud Governance ensures that the right questions are being asked of your cloud vendor and its infrastructure, that the answers satisfy your risk management strategy, that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and that controls are put in place to maintain compliance.

Odyssey VC Compliant Cloud

Compliant Cloud is a fully qualified IaaS platform designed from the ground up to meet global life sciences regulations. The qualified status of the Odyssey VC Compliance Cloud is fully demonstrable, evidence-backed and audit-ready at all times. Odyssey VC is an approved supplier of cloud infrastructure for a number of pharmaceutical companies and knows what it takes to ensure the consistency, quality and accuracy of cloud infrastructure so that data is protected continuously and compliance status is maintained.

Our cloud governance management service will ensure you don’t lose sight of your cloud infrastructure compliance status as you continue to develop new features, deploy new versions, expand and grow your business.