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Audit Readiness

Set up for audit success with Odyssey VC

Are you looking to reduce the burden of audit management and audit readiness within your organisation? Do you want to ensure an independent and objective internal audit program which brings value to your company? 

At Odyssey VC we understand the stress that audits and audit management can involve. We can help your organisation to be audit-ready, both for customer and/or regulatory or notified body audits. At Odyssey VC we:

  • Perform independent and objective audits on your behalf, saving you the time and effort of auditor allocation
  • Assist you in preparing for customer and/or regulatory or notified body audits
  • Support you during audit execution
  • Assist you with audit-finding investigations, remediations and corrective actions

Our audit teams include lead auditors (trained to ISO 19011, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & ISO 13485) and audit team members with expertise in Quality Management Systems, Information Security, Software Development Lifecycle Management and Computerised System Lifecycle Management. 

Employee Odyssey VC to act as your QA functional partner and let us assist you during audits. Partnering with us ensures your organisation is set up for audit success.