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Sustainability & Growth

Helping Life Science Companies maintain Compliance as they grow

Why every life science company needs to put compliance at the heart of its strategy for growth


Does your organization recognize the need to drive sustainability and growth activities in order to support the continued creation and delivery of value products and services for its customers? Companies that achieve sustainability and growth often have planning strategies that support investment in innovation and improvements in resource management. 

For life science organizations, or businesses delivering to life sciences, a sustainability and growth planning strategy must include a compliance strategy. Odyssey VC has the people, the frameworks and the compliant digital solutions to support your organization’s strategies for sustainability and growth. Odyssey VC will support you to maintain your value delivery towards your customers.

Odyssey VC helps organizations ensure that compliance is maintained as they grow, as they introduce and expand innovation, and as they diversify processes in accordance with their business needs.

We support organizations to:

  • Maintain the validated state of their computer systems, infrastructure & software
  • Be audit ready
  • Deploy & maintain innovative compliant solutions
  • Maintain & scale compliant cloud activities
  • Ensure they have the right expertise and trusted support

Sustainability & Growth Solutions

Does your company have critical GxP systems and applications in operation but struggle to maintain their validated state? Are you missing a qualification and validation maintenance process for your GxP systems and applications that’s fit for purpose? Partnering with Odyssey VC will ensure that your company benefits from the very best practises in validation maintenance.

Are you looking to reduce the burden of audit management and audit readiness within your organisation? Do you want to ensure an independent and objective internal audit program which brings value to your company? At Odyssey VC we understand the stress that audits and audit management can involve. We can help your organisation to be audit-ready, both for customer and/or regulatory or notified body audits.

Odyssey VC helps our regulated customers solve the challenges they face when it comes to digital compliance. We understand the level of compliance oversight required for the implementation and use of software applications in life sciences and, as we support our customers in the selection and delivery of fit-for-purpose validated software and qualified infrastructure, we also look to their future needs.

Are you using outsourced cloud infrastructure for software applications that need to comply with global life science regulations? Do you have concerns about ensuring the compliance status of your cloud environment, knowing that – although your cloud operations are outsourced – the responsibility for GxP compliance remains with your organization? Enter Odyssey VC Cloud Governance, a managed service solution that assists regulated companies, or those servicing regulated companies, to navigate supplier approval, qualification and maintenance of cloud infrastructure for GxP applications.

If you’re an organization working in or delivering solutions for life sciences, the chances are that you already appreciate the importance of demonstrating that your infrastructure, computer systems and software solutions comply at all times with strict industry regulations. Odyssey VC appreciate this too. That’s why, as we support you in the deployment of validated, fit-for-purpose digital solutions, we also supply highly skilled and trained support engineers to ensure that, as you run your operations, the solutions maintain their consistency, quality and accuracy.

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