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Qualified Infrastructure As-A-Service

Ensuring your IaaS is safe, secure and qualified needn’t be an epic saga

Are you a regulated company looking to adopt an IaaS model? Do you want to benefit from flexible, on-demand virtual services and the opportunity to reduce capital costs but are concerned about another organisation being in control of your critical regulated data?


For many companies, learning how to go about ensuring your cloud infrastructure is qualified and fit for use in a GxP environment can be daunting.

With its long-standing expertise in the qualification of fit-for-purpose infrastructure for life sciences, Odyssey VC can help remove the barriers associated with ensuring regulatory compliance of your cloud infrastructure, so that your organisation can immediately start to realise new opportunities. 

Infrastructure Fit For Purpose for life sciences

Odyssey VC has developed a clear roadmap for Cloud Compliance allowing companies to easily navigate the complex regulatory landscape facing those operating in, or providing service to, the Life Sciences Industry. Odyssey VC can help you achieve a fit for purpose and qualified cloud infrastructure. 


Public cloud infrastructure

Our services include assessment of public cloud platforms for qualification purposes. We will highlight the GxP compliance risks that may arise from using public cloud infrastructure and support you to put in place measures to monitor and manage those risks.

Odyssey VC supports customers to ensure they have a fit-for-purpose SLA with their public cloud vendor and that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined to support its use.

Odyssey VC also supports customers with the ongoing compliant management of public cloud platforms.

Odyssey VC Compliant Cloud

Compliant Cloud is a fully qualified IaaS platform designed from the ground up to meet global life sciences regulations. The qualified status of the Odyssey VC Compliance Cloud is fully demonstrable, evidence-backed and audit-ready at all times. Odyssey VC is an approved supplier of cloud infrastructure for a number of pharmaceutical companies and knows what it takes to ensure the consistency, quality and accuracy of cloud infrastructure so that data is protected continuously and compliance status is maintained.

Through Compliant Cloud, or our qualification services for public cloud, we will support your organisation in the rapid adoption of XaaS solutions. Odyssey VC will help you to enjoy the benefits of new cloud technologies, safe in the knowledge that critical guidelines, such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EMA Annex 11, are being fulfilled.