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Compliant DevOps

Ensuring that DevOps processes meet GxP requirements needn’t be a challenge

Are you utilising DevOps practises to drive efficiencies and improve quality in the development of your life sciences software applications? When developing and deploying software in regulated environments, how can you be sure that your DevOps processes meet the GxP requirements? Let Odyssey VC support you in the continuous and compliant delivery of high-quality software releases. 

Odyssey VC’s Compliant DevOps is a framework designed to adapt the DevOps model to fully incorporate GxP regulatory requirements.

DevOps for Qualified Infrastructure

Odyssey VC utilizes specialist Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools with execution planning to define, qualify and maintain the infrastructural development environment. The compliant DevOps framework ensures the infrastructure requirements are fulfilled as intended and the infrastructure functions as expected.

DevOps for Validated Applications

Odyssey VC invokes behaviour-driven development (BDD) and the use of specialized software tools to validate application releases (i.e. confirm that the application works as expected) while still in the development phase. The output of BDD tests automatically documents the expected versus actual functionality and records any delta. This information is used to complete a validation report. The Compliant DevOps framework supports the maintenance of the validated state through continuous integration pipelines which automatically execute test scripts on code changes to ensure that the application continues to work as expected.