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Smart Solutions

Unlock your full potential while meeting digital compliance obligations

Why Odyssey VC puts compliance at the heart of its smart solutions for your business


Smart solutions enable organisations to transform their business operations, unlock opportunities for cost optimisation, manage resources effectively and improve customer engagement.

At Odyssey VC we put compliance at the core of our smart solutions because we know that our life science customers cannot implement their digital transformation vision without first establishing a clear view of how to address the potential compliance implications.

We bring together innovative technologies and highly skilled resources to deliver solutions that meet not only our life science customers’ digital ambitions but also their compliance obligations. We also support software and IoT companies in creating compliant digital solutions for life sciences which can be deployed smartly, easily and compliantly.

Odyssey VC is committed to making sure digital opportunities available in other industries can be adopted, barrier free, for life sciences. We support our customers with:

  • Flexible and scalable outsourced compliance teams (CaaS)
  • Validation project delivery
  • Pre-qualified fit-for-purpose infrastructure
  • Pre-validated fit-for-purpose SaaS
  • Compliant development and deployment of SaaS

Smart Solutions

While building your strategy to address regulatory compliance, you may have identified shortfalls in the areas of knowledge, skills and resources, or you may be looking for opportunities to increase efficiency. Odyssey VC is a centre of excellence for compliance and our Compliance as a Service (CaaS) model provides companies with a flexible and scalable outsource solution to implement and maintain compliance.

By partnering with Odyssey VC for the delivery of your Computer System Validation (CSV) and Computer Software Assurance (CSA) projects, your company will benefit from the expertise of a skilled and seasoned team offering the very best practises in testing and validation, as well as reductions in overheads, resource management and project costs. Odyssey VC has a proven track record in successfully helping companies comply with strict industry standards such as the FDA’s 21 Part 11 and EMA’s Annex 11.

For many companies, learning how to go about ensuring your cloud infrastructure is qualified and fit for use in a GxP environment can be daunting. With its long-standing expertise in the qualification of fit-for-purpose infrastructure for life sciences, Odyssey VC can help remove the barriers associated with ensuring regulatory compliance of your cloud infrastructure, so that your organisation can immediately start to realise new opportunities. 

Odyssey VC supports customers by ensuring only validated, fit-for-purpose digital solutions are adopted. Our extensive knowledge in application validation delivery and maintenance empowers companies to enjoy the benefits of new technologies, safe in the knowledge that critical guidelines, such as FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 and EMA’s Annex 1, are being fulfilled.

Are you utilising DevOps practises to drive efficiencies and improve quality in the development of your life sciences software applications? When developing and deploying software in regulated environments, how can you be sure that your DevOps processes meet the GxP requirements? Let Odyssey VC support you in the continuous and compliant delivery of high-quality software releases. Odyssey VC’s Compliant DevOps is a framework designed to adapt the DevOps model to fully incorporate GxP regulatory requirements.

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