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Knowledge & Expertise

Let us guide you through the minefield of compliance

Odyssey VC are experts in the field, with decades of experience in helping organisations meet their digital compliance obligations for life sciences.


If you are working in, or delivering solutions for, life sciences you must comply with a wealth of regulations.

Whether you are integrating new digital technologies, have a digital transformation vision or are developing software, your company must be able to demonstrate (and maintain) compliance so your customers can have confidence in the quality and safety of your offering. For many companies, understanding when and where the regulations apply to them and exactly how to deliver that compliance is a daunting prospect.

This is where we can help. With our long-standing expertise in Computer Systems Validation (CSV), Quality Management (QMS) and Compliant Digital Solutions, Odyssey VC has the ability to offer you the clarity you need on your compliance obligations as they pertain to your business goals. Let us turn the challenges you face in ensuring regulatory digital compliance into smart, feasible and effective solutions.

Engage OdysseyVC to:

  • Establish a compliance and quality baseline so that you can determine your next steps
  • Design a compliant digital roadmap to help realise your digital vision
  • Build a business process framework tailored to your company, to help you achieve your quality goals
  • Create fit-for-purpose CSV master plans based on industry best practice
  • Determine resource needs and find ways to meet them in full

Knowledge & Expertise Solutions

Our compliance and quality assessment program for infrastructure, computer systems, software and quality processes has a number of touch points from which you can engage depending on your business needs.

The adoption of digital technology plays a critical role in a company’s ability to evolve, gain competitive advantage and continually add value to customers. However, for companies operating in highly regulated environments, developing a digital vision involves establishing a clear view of the potential compliance implications. Working with Odyssey VC will enable your company to build a compliance strategy that supports your digital ambitions.

Keeping quality at the forefront is critical for any business looking to secure a position of lasting value in its chosen marketplace. It is well-established that quality-focused businesses have a greater chance of satisfying their customers, winning new business and achieving new market access, as well as increasing profitability through reducing costs and higher productivity.

Are you working in a highly regulated environment that requires your company to demonstrate that your infrastructure, computer systems and software do exactly what they are designed to do, in a consistent and accurate manner? Computer System Validation (CSV) helps you to ensure the consistency, quality and accuracy of your infrastructure, computer systems and software.

Does your company have a critical project delivery objective, but finds itself constrained by the availability of suitable in-company resources and skills? Do you have a need for specialist skills in Computer System Validation (CSV), quality assurance, project management or IT compliance in life sciences?

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