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September 2022: a month in the life of Odyssey VC

From awards nominations to new campaigns and everything in between, we give you a run-down of all the things that made September 2022 a busy and fulfilling month for us at Odyssey VC.

It’s been a busy couple of months for all at Odyssey VC. Summer is over and the autumn is well and truly upon us, but we’re far from winding down. Buzzing with activity, September was one of our busiest months, and so we thought it would be the perfect time to look back at some of the most significant moments of the last month in Odyssey VC. Featuring important company developments, thought leadership webinars, recognition for our innovative solutions in the form of award nominations, and more, here are four things that happened in September.

We received two nominations for the Pharma Industry Awards 2022 

Odyssey VC have been nominated for two awards at this Year’s Pharma Industry Awards, which take place on Thursday the 10th of November at the new Radisson Blue Convention Centre in Dublin.

Odyssey have been nominated in the categories of “Pharma Contract Services Company of the Year” and “Pharma Project of the Year (Small)”. The former award honours an organisation offering contract services to the Irish pharmaceutical industry, which may include contract research organisations, development, analysis or testing, regulatory affairs, manufacturing, and IT services. The latter category recognises an outstanding project undertaken in Ireland’s Pharma industry over the past 12 months.

The project covered in our entry for “Pharma Project of the Year (Small)” was also covered by our recent Client Story, in which we discuss how we designed and delivered a fully compliant digital solution to facilitate the M&A activity of a global pharma company. With a short timeline & using a Hybrid approach to software development, Odyssey provided one of the fastest fully GxP solutions delivered for this client.

The winners will be announced at the awards on Thursday the 10th of November, at the new Radisson Blue Convention Centre, Dublin. The awards ceremony will take place as a Hybrid Event which will offer an in-person event as well as a broadcast for those who wish to attend the awards remotely.

Click here to read our second Client Story.

We kickstarted our Compliance as-a-Service (CaaS) campaign for SaaS and Life Sciences

In September we also launched our Compliance as-a-Service (CaaS) campaign for both SaaS and Life Science companies with new Product Sheets and more special content to come.

For SaaS organisations with customers in the Life Sciences industry, having a strong focus on compliance can be the key to success and adoption in the market. Without it, you might find yourself struggling to partner with Life Science organisations operating in a strict regulatory environment. 

On the other hand, for organisations operating in Life Sciences, navigating this complex regulatory landscape can be challenging, costly and time consuming. While building your strategy to address regulatory compliance, you may have identified shortfalls in the areas of knowledge, skills and resources, or you may be looking for opportunities to increase efficiency. 

For either case, Odyssey VC’s Compliance as-a-Service (CaaS) framework streamlines your approach to compliance and leaves you free to focus on your core business. We can provide you with a flexible and scalable solution to implement and maintain a best-fit compliance structure for your organisation. 

If you’d like to find out more about simplifying compliance for your business, download our free CaaS Product Sheets for SaaS companies and Life Sciences companies now.

We hosted Part 3 of our 2022 webinar series “Possibilities & Practicalities of Cloud Adoption in Life Sciences

On Wednesday the 28th of September we hosted Part 3 of our 4-part 2022 webinar series. Part 3, titled “Selecting Fit-for-Purpose Cloud Solutions and Avoiding Pitfalls”, was a discussion on choosing right-fit technologies for your digital transformation, the expectations of regulated companies towards cloud technology vendors, and real-world examples of successfully implemented cloud solutions.

CEO & Co-founder Oisín Curran and Head of Business Solutions & Co-founder Fionnán Friel delivered the keynote presentations, while Head of Customer Satisfaction Tom McKittrick and Quality Assurance & Compliance Lead Magdalena Vilaró joined them for the Panel Discussion hosted by our MC / Head of Product & Strategy Pauline O’ Riordan. It made for another incredibly informative session that hopefully illustrated the competitive edge of adopting digital tools while also raising awareness of the compliance requirements that come with them.

After the event we published “4 things we learned from Part 3 of Possibilities & Practicalities of Cloud Adoption in Life Sciences”, a break down of some of the insights gleaned from the session. Read it here.

You can still watch the webinar even if you weren’t in attendance – all you have to do is register for free and you will receive the full video recording as well as the recording for Part 4 when it is released in December 2022! Click here to learn more and register.

We caught up and got competitive at our Company Day!

The Odyssey VC team met up on Friday the 30th of September for a nice lunch, a well-needed catch-up … and to try give each other as many bruises as possible!

That’s right, on Friday we played Airsoft as part of our September Company Day. Great fun was had by all as it turned out to be an exciting team-building event full of friendly competition. Now more than ever it feels important that we periodically come together as a team and try things that challenge us, to remind us how well we work together – and how much fun we can have. Roll on the next Company Day!

Of course, that’s not all that’s been happening in the world of Odyssey lately. Since our last “Month in the Life” article in June we’ve released two “Client Stories” that take you through how we delivered two of our projects, released an animated explainer video to break down Qualified Infrastructure as-a-Service, headed to Berlin for a growth session with Enterprise Ireland and ESMT, and much more, with even more exciting developments ahead. We post about it all right here on our blog and on our social media accounts, so make sure to read back and keep an eye out!

To find out more about our innovative solutions or to contact us with any questions or queries about what we can do for your business, click here.