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Automation for

GxP System

Audit trails

Identify, Analyze, Review and Approve GxP System Audit Trail Review Records with ATReview.


Transform manual audit trail periodic reviews into real-time audit trail management with our cloud based system. Made for Life Sciences, ATReview offers a validated solution for streamlining audit trail activities while maintaining your regulatory compliance.

Solving An Industry Problem

Life Sciences organisations routinely undertake the mammoth task of implementing, maintaining and analysing audit trail reviews of their GxP systems.

Defining a comprehensive periodic review schedule, performing the review and analysing the sheer volume of data involved is time consuming, laborious and extremely manual. This takes highly skilled resources away from other projects, at a time where these skills are increasingly scarce in the market.

ATReview allows organisations to eliminate manual audit trail reviews of GxP systems.  With a fully customizable inclusion registry, organisations can define and identify the critical event records they want recorded in the audit trail resulting in a completely standardized review process across all users.


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Full Visibility. Full Control.

Our secure and configurable System Registry gives organisations full visibility and control of their registered GxP systems and assigned responsible owners creating a centralized records area for even the largest manufacturing operations. 

Access to audit trail event record data is controlled via securely assigned privileges within the ATReview application and all actions within ATReview are recorded in real-time activity logs allowing for a fully contemporaneous and tamper proof audit trail.

Designed to ensure the integrity of audit trail event record data is maintained, ATReview has robust protection mechanisms in place as the data flows from the collection stage through filtering, analysing and storing. Regular backup of ATReview data is in place to ensure that data can be consistently and accurately recovered. 

Compliance By Design

Built and hosted on Compliant Cloud – our qualified infrastructure platform for the deployment, development and maintenance of validated software applications, ATReview is part of Odyssey VC’s compliant digital ecosystem, designed to transform traditional compliance delivery models, creating tangible value for life sciences.