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Compliant Cloud.
Full Visibility.
Full Control.

Cloud infrastructure, qualified and fit-for-purpose for the life sciences sector.


If you want to do business in life sciences you are subject to regulatory compliance, Compliant Cloud is the right product to answer your digital compliance requirements.

Making innovation possible

Utilising Compliant Cloud, Odyssey VC provides a qualified infrastructural platform for the deployment and development of validated software applications.

Compliant Cloud makes it possible for regulated companies and those developing for regulated companies to innovate using next generation technologies, secure in the knowledge that they are answering their compliance obligations.

Realising your digital technology strategy

No matter what business your in, it is likely your organisation has a digital technology strategy with a clear vision to utilise new technologies to improve business operations, increase profitability and enhance customer experience.

The use of Cloud infrastructure and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to help deliver business efficiencies and improved customer engagement have clear benefits, but for life sciences, what is also clear, are the regulations that govern the integrity of data and computer systems used for the assurance of product quality and patient safety.

Understanding what is required

Cloud-based solutions, including SaaS, need to be validated and the infrastructure on which they run, needs to be qualified.

Odyssey VC has deep rooted expertise in understanding what is required to adhere to and demonstrate regulatory compliance when it comes to infrastructure, computer systems and software.