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PRESS RELEASE O1/03/2022  

Odyssey VC, the trusted leader in the provision of compliant digital services and solutions, has completed an extensive rebranding effort in response to accelerated company growth and increasing market demand from those operating in or with the life sciences sector. A compliance and innovation champion, Odyssey VC have put digital transformation at the heart of their rebrand, offering a new way forward for the industry.

Partnering with Irish branding agency TOTEM, this rebrand to Odyssey VC’s visual identity and corporate mission, reflects a deep dedication to client success and partnerships and aims to untangle the complex regulatory landscape of the life sciences sector in a way the industry has never seen before.

While the fundamental compliance needs of our customers remain the same, we are spearheading a seismic shift in how the industry plans for, and fulfils these needs. Odyssey VC is re-launching with the clear messaging that compliant digital transformation is possible, the knowledge, expertise and solutions exists and there’s a partner that can support. We are unlocking a solution for our clients to innovate, improve agility and be excited about the endless possibilities ahead for the industry. Oisin Curran, CEO, Odyssey VC.

Coinciding with the unveiling of the new brand, Odyssey VC has launched an updated corporate website (www.Odysseyvc.com ) focused on clearly defined solutions and roadmaps that fundamentally build a better way for their clients to grow. In conjunction with the overall corporate changes, Odyssey VC have also launched a new product website for their innovative CompliantCloud.com, a qualified infrastructure platform for the deployment and maintenance of validated software applications. (www.compliantcloud.com )

Across our global client base, we continually found that a key barrier to Life Science organisations embracing next generation technologies was the lack of fully qualified infrastructure. This was proving to be an insurmountable barrier to entry into the market for SaaS companies and was limiting the innovation and adaptability of Life Science companies. We created CompliantCloud.com to solve this problem and offer a smart solution for life sciences, and those that serve them, to enable easy and complete compliance. Pauline O’Riordan, Product Manager, Odyssey VC.

The changes to the Odyssey VC brand extend beyond the cosmetic with a renewed focus on the growing number of digital transformation opportunities emerging in the industry and solidifying Odyssey VC as the expert partner, trusted to guide an industry on the precipice of an era of change and innovation.

Over the past few years, we have been examining the challenges across the market and with every project we felt that the wheel was being reinvented each time. That consistency of approach and the consistency of deliverables wasn’t there, ultimately adding to project costs, complexity and frustration. We have always known there was a better way and have seen a hugely positive response from our clients right across the globe as we roll out this exciting new phase at Odyssey VC.   Fionnan Friel, Head of Business Solutions & Co-Founder, Odyssey VC.

Driving innovation and change within life sciences can be limited by the highly regulated nature of the sector, and despite the strong move towards digital transformation in the industry there can still be remnants of a reluctance for change. Odyssey VC have made this a key consideration of their core rebrand mission.

We understand that customers need an independent partner with a clear vision, right knowledge & expertise to guide & support. The criticality of strategic planning for successful compliant digital transformation proved a need for a breakdown of solutions so customers could see tangible and measurable progress. Technology isn’t standing still and we are now in a better position than ever to help guide our customers into the next generation. Tom McKittrick, Head of Client Success, Odyssey VC.