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Odyssey VC continues European Growth

The Odyssey VC team were on the road again last week as we joined Enterprise Ireland for one of their highly respected international growth sessions. The thought leadership program was developed by Enterprise Ireland with the goal of bringing companies together to discuss further expanding their presence and exploring opportunities in an evolving European landscape.

Odyssey VC CEO & Co-founder Oisín Curran and Head of Strategy & Product Pauline O’ Riordan attended the event in Berlin for a couple of days of peer learning and working with consultants and other companies to gain fresh insights.

Aside from the many expert lectures and thought sharing sessions taking place in the German capital across the week, it was also exciting to be in Berlin at a time when the German pharmaceutical market is moving increasingly towards Digital Transformation, and the excitement was palpable in this growing hub of digital innovation. In the words of our Head of Strategy & Product:

“Odyssey VC’s international footprint has been going from strength to strength in recent years. This event has been a great opportunity to connect with peers and market experts as we continue our growth”

Pauline O’ Riordan, Head of Strategy and Product, Odyssey VC.

After travelling to such a thriving hub of activity for such a valuable experience with peers and experts in the field, we are eager to keep growing and providing valuable solutions that continue to meet the needs of our customers in the European market – Life Sciences and SaaS companies alike – as we expand further.

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