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June 2022: a month in the life of Odyssey VC

From real-world events to new campaigns, we give you a run-down of all the things that made June 2022 a busy and fulfilling month for us at Odyssey VC.

After the pandemic slowed things to a grinding halt, the uptick in real-world events and general busyness can feel like a dam breaking and letting “real” life back in again. June was one such month for Odyssey VC; it feels like so much happened that it needs to be documented, yet it also feels like we’re just getting started! Here are four things that happened for Odyssey VC in June 2022.  

We attended (and spoke at) the PDA Ireland “Data Integrity” event.

In-person events are back with a bang, and we were delighted to attend PDA Ireland’s Data Integrity event on the 23rd of June at the Castleknock Hotel in Dublin. The aim of the event was to provide a “Solution Room” where experts could share knowledge, work through Data Integrity issues and challenges, and propose solutions in an interactive environment.

Odyssey VC ran a stand at the event, with our Product Manager Pauline O’Riordan there to talk compliance and to answer any questions about our solutions, and our Head of Business Solutions and Co-founder Fionnan Friel took the stage to deliver a talk on “Data integrity from a Cloud Based Perspective”. It was great to feel the buzz of in-person events again, underlining the importance of networking and simply being in the same space as other experts in your industry.

We hosted Part 2 of our 2022 webinar series.

Throughout 2022 we’ve been hosting our 2022 webinar series “Possibilities & Practicalities of Cloud Adoption in Life Sciences”, to a great response. With this series we wanted to bring together industry experts to discuss and explore how we can, as a community, support the adoption of cloud technology in our industry. Part 2 was no different, this time focusing on how robust QMS & ISMS systems can be best utilised to provide evidence of good governance practises of cloud technology development and deployment frameworks.

After hosting Part 1 in March, Part 2 took place on Tuesday the 28th of June over Zoom. The webinar featured presentations from our Head of Business Solutions and Co-founder Fionnán Friel and Head of Technology Mark Healy as well as contributions from Odyssey VC CEO & Co-founder Oisín Curran and Associate QA and Regulatory Compliance Specialist Amrutha Prakash, hosted and facilitated by Product Manager Pauline O’ Riordan.

During the event we also announced that Part 3 will take place in September. To learn more about the series and register for free, click here.

We launched our QIaaS campaign to spread the message about Qualifying your Infrastructure.

In June we also launched a campaign to promote our Qualified Infrastructure as a Service (QIaaS) solution. We saw this as an important solution to get out there in the world because one of the most significant barriers facing SaaS companies attempting to provide to the Life Sciences industry is failure to understand the unique requirements of this highly regulated industry, the result being great SaaS applications that fall short on proving that they’re ‘fit-for-purpose’ for Life Sciences.

To be successful in the Life Sciences Industry, great SaaS applications must demonstrate they are great Validated SaaS Applications, and this demonstration begins at the very foundation of your applications – your cloud infrastructure.

We’re spreading the message through product sheets, articles, a handy roadmap to compliance and more, but if you want to learn more about our QIaaS solution, the best place to start is here.

We all came together for our Company Day!

On the 3rd of June there was a rumbling in Sallins, Co. Kildare as Odyssey staff descended on the Waterways for a Company Day! We try to stay connected as much as possible – virtual coffee break anyone? – but this day was long, long overdue.

Through a combination of in-person and virtual getting together, we all caught up – with each other and with our company goals. Every department delivered an update on their latest activity, which amounted to a lot of excitement; our CEO Oisín delivered a company update, for one, reminding us where we started and taking us through to our exciting future vision.

After being inspired and engaged in the office, we all headed out for lunch. Many a laugh was had over good food – and kombucha! – as new faces were introduced and Odyssey regulars finally had the chance for a proper chat. We had planned to do some quizzes and group games while out for lunch, but the good vibes and sense of camaraderie were already so strong that we decided to just let it flow!

This is a good summary of the day; long overdue and much needed, overflowing with energy as we came together as a team again.

And that’s it for this update. Speaking at in-person events, launching important campaigns, hosting yet another successful webinar, bringing the team together for a fabulous day of camaraderie – June was a stacked month. It was also inspiring, motivating, and re-energising – the brief flashes of sun helped with that! – in a way that has us looking forward to many more months like it. Stay tuned!