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How Odyssey VC can help with Qualifying your Infrastructure (Video)

Odyssey VC reveals new video animation explaining how you can Qualify your Infrastructure to meet Life Sciences regulations.

As you may know if you read our last article, in June we launched a campaign to promote our Qualified Infrastructure as a Service (QIaaS) solution and spread the message about qualifying your infrastructure. We see this as an important solution to get out there in the world because one of the most significant barriers facing SaaS companies attempting to provide to the Life Sciences industry is failure to understand the unique requirements of this highly regulated industry, the result being great SaaS applications that fall short on proving that they’re ‘fit-for-purpose’ for Life Sciences.

To be successful in the Life Sciences Industry, great SaaS applications must demonstrate they are great Validated SaaS Applications, and this demonstration begins at the very foundation of your applications – your cloud infrastructure.

We’re spreading the message through product sheets, articles, a handy roadmap to compliance, and now: an animated video explainer.

In this video we take you through our compliance roadmap and show you the easiest pathway to Infrastructure that’s fit-for-purpose for Life Sciences, whether your business is availing of public cloud or would like to avail of a fully qualified, evidence-backed platform like Compliant Cloud.

We hope this video sheds some light on the importance of infrastructure qualification and the various ways we can help, from capturing your compliance baseline to the qualification and deployment of your infrastructure, through to ensuring the ongoing maintenance of your compliant state. Watch the video below:

If you would like to learn more about our Qualified Infrastructure as a Service solution, click here to visit our QIaaS solution page.