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About Odyssey VC

We support businesses of every size to build a compliant digital future.

Our mission is to guide, inform and empower our life sciences customers on their digital transformation journeys with best fit innovative compliant digital solutions.

Odyssey VC is a compliance and digital innovations company

We support businesses of every size – from new start-ups to the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies – to build a compliant digital future. We support companies to rethink how they do business and support ambitions to unlock digital opportunities for business operations, commercial offerings and customer engagement.

Unlocking the potential of compliant digital solutions

Despite clear evidence across the global business community of the impact of digital technologies to transform business operations and provide value-producing opportunities, the life sciences community continues to lag behind in its rate of adoption.

Implementing a digital future strategy is increasingly becoming a priority for industry leaders but regulatory complexity and the shortage of skills and expertise to implement new technologies compliantly, is limiting the adoption.

Removing these barriers and supporting the delivery of compliant digital solutions will empower all businesses operating in or delivering to life sciences to realise the benefits of digital transformation.

What’s important for us, is what we enable for others

Odyssey VC exists to untangle and solve the challenges of digital compliance for our regulated customers. We answer these challenges through the selection and delivery of fit-for-purpose validated software, qualified infrastructure, quality assurance and expert lead project teams. We break down barriers and remove obstacles for our customers that would otherwise hold them back and give them the freedom to focus on what they do best.

Part of the ATS Corporation

In July 2023, Odyssey VC entered an exciting new phase for the organisation as it joined the ATS Corporation and it’s Process Automation (PA) Solutions company.

Process Automation Solutions GmbH is one of the leading, manufacturer-independent suppliers of complete automation solutions for the process, manufacturing, and automotive industries. As a strong partner, PA’s 1,400 automation experts in Europe, America, and Asia support their customers during all phases of automation from planning to implementation and commissioning – and if desired, throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant through after sales service.